Re: Gnome 2.6: What were you thinking?

> > or even what the tree on the left side is supposed to represent.
> A hierachical representation of my filesystem. Yep, maybe not what
> grandmother would understand, but I doubt that the majority of Gnome
> users currently are grandmothers.

Yeah, Ingo. 

I don't understand why usability engineers and scientists tend to think
that hierachical stuff is so hard to understand.

So many things in life are hierachical: our company, our family, the
life, the army, the government, the society!

Why the f*** it is so hard to understand that folders and files are
inside other folders? 

I own a technical support company. When I ask users to open Windows
Explorer to do something, they *always* say: "Oh. Is this equivalent to
My Computer? But this is a lot easier to use!". Well, it seems they are
telling lies. :)

Currently I am using the Spatial mode most of the time, but not because
it's better in concept. It's because the implementation of the browser
mode sucks. There is no rubberbanding in the list mode because the
TreeView widget has only line-select mode. The tree model is wrong
(multiple roots is stupid). And it is slower than the spatial mode.

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