Re: Gnome 2.6: What were you thinking?

"Manuel Amador (Rudd-O)" <amadorm usm edu ec> writes:

> Good luck with the 40.000 folders, and keep in mind you're the
> special "corner" case and not the common case.

Any user who has his computer for more than a few month will start to
allocate lots of stuff, be it download, documents, images, emails or
whatever. Download directories with a few hundred or thousand files
are really not that uncommon these days and I doubt that their size
will decrease in the comming years. If a filemanager doesn't manage
that case well too, it is seriously flawed.

>> There is stuff like showing hidden files that is currently deeply
>> hidden in the Preferences dialog, such stuff really must be placed
>> in a easy to reach way, without a toolbar however this isn't really
>> possbile.
> Preferences... in the toolbar? You aren't serious, right?

Aehm, I am talking about just seeing all files in a directory (ls -a).
That being a preferences setting in the first place is just plain
wrong, its something that one needs pretty frequently on a Unix system
(after all, all user specific config files hide that way) and so it
should be in the toolbar or at least in the 'View' menu. The
preferences should only be about what the *default* view mode is, not
what the currently used is.

>> As said, spatial view might be easier with a few files and reasonably
>> flat directories,
> again, like 80% of the cases.

Well, only in the /home directory, outside of it, every Linux distro
is full of files and directories.

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