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Thanks for the help in clearing that up for me. Now that I know what I need to do, you wouldn't happen to know of any good online tutorials on the best way to do this kind of polling in gnome?


Sean Middleditch wrote:

Reginald Johnson wrote:

If there isn't a method to do this, how are media players such as XMMS able to accomplish somthing similar? They don't seem to be running in the background so they can't be resorting to polling the CD. Any ideas how they are able to do this?

They poll. Polling doesn't require them to actively run. They just wake up once every second or so, check if there's a CD, and then go back to sleep. Tools like ps or top probably won't ever be able to catch the app in that window without real SMP and some very good timing.

In the future they will hopefully use HAL events and such, as will all other desktop apps.
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