Re: Suggestion: dockable taskbar items

Hello Alex,

at first suggestions are always welcome, so please go ahead!
One suggestion though, best is you'll get a account and
submit your ideas there. Submit dem one-by-one. Then developers that maintain
the respective package can get back to you and comment on the idea.
The good thing is that you will also get a mail when it is done etc.


Alex Jones wrote:
> Hello
> Disclaimer: not very wise on mailing lists, I'm posting in plain text which
> is about all I know etiquette-wise! Please excuse me and point me in the
> right direction if this is the wrong list or whatever. I'm also not a
> hacker, but I hope someone else with the skills finds this a good idea!
> I am just a "normal" user trying to justify his time on the Linux platform
> for desktop use, but there are so many gripes I have with it. Rather than
> sit back and hope for them to be fixed in the distant future I thought I'd
> at least try and help out with suggestions if I can't code.
> Among a couple of ideas for the GNOME desktop, the one I think would be most
> handy would be to be able to (for the sake of example) middle-click an item
> in the window list and have it change to a single icon with no text and jump
> to the far right hand side of the window list. I always have a terminal open
> and it seems to be just wasting space. Rather than rely on each application
> supporting the ability to dock to the notification area like rhythmbox and
> Gaim (I'm not sure if that's really a good idea anyway... but that's another
> discussion) I think it would be a good idea to integrate this into the
> window list.
> Perhaps also hack something into Metacity that when you middle click
> minimize it docks automatically. Maybe even a mouse gesture! Who knows? But
> that's not really all that important.
> I have a lot of other ideas that I'd really like to get out in the open to
> make GNOME even more fantastic than it is now, but I will spare them for now
> as I'm not even sure if I should be posting this one here!
> Thanks a lot for your time
> Alex Jones
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