Renaming added pull-up Menus to the Panel

I'm using SJDS2/Gnome 1.4 and have succeeded to add pull-up Menus (launchers) to the panel. E.g adding the menu "Games" from the Launch menu to the panel can be an exercize in itself, using the following, somewhat tricky procedure: Launch->Applications->Games->Right_click_on_a_menu_item->The whole menu->Add as menu on the Panel The trick here is that the normal thinking to right-click on the the menu "Games" itself doesn't work (like adding a launcher for a single application to the panel).

Well, what is remarkable is: After adding menus to the Panel, their all popup display names become "Main Menu"; that is not the original name like "Games" on the Launch menu. Trying to edit this name, again another somewhat tricky procedure leads to the menu's properties:
Click on the panel Menu icon to make the menu appear.
Position the mouse cursor over one of the menu item and right click.
Choose "Entire menu"
Choose "Properties"

However, the name of the "Games menu" is correct in properties, that is: Games

To compare, adding a direct launcher for a single application on the panel, the property name (and comment) is what is displayed when pointing on the launcher icon on the panel.

And comparing this with the alternative, adding a Drawer to the panel (instead of a pull-up Menu), the Drawer keeps its correct display name also on the Panel.

Is this a bug for adding Menus to the Panel? Where does the popup display name "Main Menu" come from and is it possible to edit it?

Terje J. Hanssen

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