Where to get GNOME deps since fd.org comprimise?

Apologies if this is OT....

I just attempted to install GNOME via the GARGNOME system and noted that I 
need dbus and hal to take full advantage of the 2.8 GNOME release. However, 
when it tried to download the latest dbus and hal from freedesktop.org, it 
bombed out. I then decided to do some investigation as to why it failed and 
found that the entire fd.org site had been taken down due to a recent server 

I know from my own experiance that this could cause the site to be down for a 
while and am, admittedly, not _that_ patient. If any kind soul would be open 
to sending me, or better, directing me to a mirror of the fd.org sites to 
allow me to obtain the dbus-0.22 and hal-0.2.98 sources, I'd be greatly 

Gary L. Greene, Jr.
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