Custom gobject property's validation

Hi people!

I'm developing a VGA Planets clients for GNOME called "GNOME War Pad",
and I'm learning about GObject's property framework. Today my
gobject's properties are implemented as simple members of a private
structura within the gobject, and the get/set functions were written by
me, but I'm interested in the features that GObject's paramaters give
to the developer, such as automatic signal emission when a value changes.

My doubt about "migrating" to this system is that I didn't  found any
reference about custom validators, every parameter type has some basic
validation feature (like min and max values for integers, for example)
but I'll need some extra checking in some attributes. So the question
is: how GNOME deal with this case? I don't think it's a rare
there a way to register a validation function?

Best regards,

Lucas Di Pentima - Santa Fe - Argentina
LUNIX Soluciones S.R.L.
Jabber ID: lucas lunix com ar
ICQ: 6782045

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