Bug in i18n of GConf?


I just compiled Gnome 2.8 from source on my Fedora Core 2 box.
On the first run I had several problems:

* No icons on menu items
* gnome-theme-manager failed to start with message
"The default theme schemas could not be found on your system.  This means that you probably don't have metacity installed, or that your gconf is configured incorrectly."

On further investigation I discovered that gconftool-2 now applies default
values only for the "C" locale, as shown in this ChangeLog entry:

2004-08-30  Mark McLoughlin  <mark skynet ie>
        Fix problem with schemas install. Bug #151334.
        * gconf/gconftool.c: (process_locale_info): install the
        global default in the C locale only.

Unfortunately this fix causes the problems I described above. I.e. I
have no default gtk_theme, and cannot set one because gnome-theme-manager
will not start without one. This only occurs if LANG is a recognized locale


If it is not (e.g. "en_GB.UTF-8") then GConf seemingly falls back on the
"C" locale. Eventually I ran system-config-language, which on FC2 sets
LANG to that value, and so I was able to work around the problem.
But this can't be the right solution, since it defeats the GConf

Is there something I'm missing, or should this go in bugzilla?

Peter Wainwright

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