Re: Dependency fixes

On Sun, 2004-10-10 at 18:49 +0200, Juergen George Sawinski wrote:
> There are multiple dependency fixes attached for:
> 	gnome-vfs 2.8.0
> 	libbonobo 2.8.0
> 	libgnomeui 2.8.0
> 	librsvg 2.8.1
> 	libwnck 2.8.0
> 	orbit2 2.12.0
> How can this happen? Is there nobody that tests a full build? I can
> understand build errors which occur due to version conflicts of
> non-gnome libraries or headers, but DAMN, I can't understand
> this.

We do test full builds. In fact, we even have a tinderbox building cvs:

However, the types of fixes you posted are not generally necessary on
Linux, since linux follows DT_NEEDED on shared libs, so its not
typically detected.

In fact, one could argue that changes like the libgnomeui one are
actively bad for Linux systems. The use of gnome-keyring is an internal
implementation detail, and hardcoding a shared lib dependency on gnome-
keyring in all apps that link to libgnomeui means you expose this
implementation detail and can't later change it.

Of course, old loser unixes that don't support inter-library
dependencies require these dependencies, so we should fix them.

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