install app in users homedir

hi hi,

At first I am new to this list, but I am reading/posting to
gtk-app-devel,gtk-devel,.. already.
We develope an music composer application called buzztard [1] that usees gnome
feature if the are available.

I have some problems with installing the application for development purposes
into my homedir. My username if 'ensonic'. I configure my app with
'--prefix=/home/ensonic/myapp' ($HOME would be okay as well). Now the probelm is
how to make all the gnome services aware of that. Is it possible at all.
I happilly collect all these things and it agreed write a small docbook article
for gnome developer site if I get enough feedback.

1.) installing a .desktop file: How do I notify the gnome panel menu that there
is a new app. When I install to /opt/gnome the menu entry is there after
restarting gnome.

2.) yelp docs. I've already posted a bugzilla issue about yelp showing different
number of files regarding the locale of the user when starting yelp.

3.) gconf-schema files. gconftool seems to insist installing to /opt/gnome/...

How do other developers handle their apps during development?


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