Re: Socket Programming in GNOME?

tor, 28,.10.2004 kl. 21.38 +0200, skrev Hongli Lai:
> lists ethanzimmerman com wrote:
> > Are there any wrappers or classes for doing socket programming (or XML-RPC) in
> > GNOME?
> > 
> > I started writing a GNOME blog client ( and the only
> > thing I'm missing is the code to do the XML-RPC (Which is an HTTP Post). I have
> > another friend who says he can help me if we move it to QT, but I have an
> > irrational hatred for all things QT/KDE. SO can someone please help me save
> > this project from becomming QT based.
> > 
> > P.S. The current version at is in python (a
> > prototype) but I have a C/GNOME version on my machine
> There's a third-party library called GNet.

And a different one called libgnetwork IIRC. Both are in GNOME CVS I
think, but libgnetwork has users in the platform if I'm not mistaken.

>From libgnetwork's README:
GNetwork is a networking wrapper written in pure C against the
Glib/GObject object framework.

  GLib 2.3+ with thread support
  GConf 2.0
Optional SSL support:
  GNUTLS 0.7 (recommended) or OpenSSL 0.9.6.

The intention here is to provide a useful and easy-to-develop-against
sockets wrapper for GNOME2 & GTK+ 2.0 programs which require TCP/IP
connection capabilities. It can be used by programs which do not use
GNOME or GTK+ anyways,however. It is NOT recommended or intended for
high-load server situations, just user applications which need TCP/IP
networking. Proxies are supported completely transparently, using the
same settings as gnome-vfs.


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