Re: ORBit2.8.3 thread problem


I did some test with echo-client-t.c (add a echo_client_thread(NULL) just before g_thread_join(), means invoke CORBA method from main thread) against different ORBit2 version.

The modified echo-client-t.c fail to run on ORBit2-2.8.x but it's OK to run on ORBit-2.10.x. It looks like a client side bug ... use server from 2.10.x and echo-client-t.c
from 2.8.x will hang up too.

Well, I still wonder what's wrong with thread support on 2.8.x.

Kuang-Chun Cheng
kccheng openate com

nshmyrev wrote:

Well, I still can't reproduce you problems.
Let's do the following:

1. Please, upgrade ORBit for latest version. I use 2.10 and probably, your bug is already fixed there.

2. Let's reproduce you problem with your modification of echo-client-t.c from ORBit's test, since your first test is uncomplete (there is no server and I don't know what etk_ functions are doing). So, let's use echo-client-t.c for test (If problem is reproduced with new ORBit). Of course, modify it with echo_client_thread (NULL) as in your last mail.

3. After all, try to attach with gdb (do gdb --pid=pid)to process which hands up and do such commands:
a) info threads.
b) for every thread do backtrace with two gdb command (thread <number> then backtrace).

Let's see there results.


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