Re: Missing prebuilt documentation

On 07/09/04 00:33, Julio M. Merino Vidal wrote:

Hi all,

I often find that packages that use gtk-doc to build their documentation
come with prebuilt documents in some versions, but not in others.  This
seems to happen "randomly".

I've checked gtk-doc's sources, specially the gtk-doc.make file, used
by these packages, and it has a dist-hook to ensure that gtk-doc is
enabled when creating a distribution file.

So, why is that sometimes packages don't come with the documents?
For example, the latest development versions of libgnome and libgnomeui
don't have them.  And I have tested two 'make dist's in them, one with
gtk-doc and one without, and the dist-hook seems to be working correctly.

Any idea about what's going on?
This sounds like a bug. I set up the current reference docs build in libgnome and libgnomeui, and it successfully included the reference docs then. I'd suggest reporting it in bugzilla.


Email: james jamesh id au

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