Re: Gnome.h : No Such File Or Directory

On 14/09/04 22:26, Nicolas DEMAILLY wrote:

hi!! i am studying a source with MAndrake 10.0 . When i compile, i have this error: CODE In file included from ../../base/src/baseinc.h:4:19: gnome.h: No such file or directory i don't have the librairy gnome-1.0 in which one have this file gnome.h When does one have this librairy gnome-1.0? Or do you know the method to adopt to generate this librairy? Thanks a lot for any info.
The <gnome.h> header is provided by gnome-libs-1.x. This is part of the old Gnome 1.x development platform. You might want to check if your distro includes a gnome-libs-devel package or similar and install that.

However if this is for your own program, I'd strongly recommend against coding for the 1.x platform, since it is obsolete and you won't be able to get much help with problems related to it (the usually response is to use 2.x).


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