Re: where does version numberin xx.pc get set ?

Thank you Jean and Murray, those references should sort me out.
Final question for now - is there a problem with backwards-compatibility with the gnu c compilers ? I seem to get odd problems with e.g. 3.4.3 that I didn't get with 3.3.6, usually fixable with minor code changes, and even wose results with 4 beta.. are the later compilers stricter than previously, preventing dubious code compiling ? Shouldn't there be a backward-emulation option e.g. to allow say gcc 4 to accept code that 3.3 accepted ? I read build instructions (e.g. for a combat flight simulator) that say compiler 3.3 will work OK but later versions won't.. to me this seems just plan wrong. Do you developers keep a selection of compilers handy ? Or am I missing something here ?
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Jean Br�rt wrote:
Le vendredi 29 avril 2005 �6:43 +1000, Rod Butcher a �it :

Can somebody tell me where I set the version number so it will appear in the xxx.pc file ? I've looked at file and it specifies Version: @VERSION@ - that becomes 2.5.0 in gal.pc - how does it get there ?

configure does that (look at

Better still, could somebody point me to some doco on how this xxx.pc stuff works ?

man pkg-config


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