Multi-User GNOME

 think that, aside from the need to improve performance, that we  really need to think about Unix/Linux's strengths as opposed to other operating systems. One of these is its ability to be used as a multi-user system, with multiple concurrent log-ins. This could be a key area to focus upon in Project Topaz.

Neither we nor KDE really caters for this at the moment. I am not referring merely to security but even to basic features. For example, if a user logs into a command-line Unix shell, they are normally greeted with the MOTD (message fo the day file). However, logging directly into a dekstop environment does not cater for this. No window appears with messages. Likewise, "talk" "wall" and "finger" do not have equivalent tools under the GUI. 

This is one area to address in order to really distinguish the Linux desktop environments from its commercial OS rivals.

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