Re: How does the Applications menu get populated?

Albert Chin wrote:

>I've built GNOME 2.10 from scratch on RHEL 3/x86 and RHEL 4/amd64.
>When I start gnome-session, the Applications menu on the top panel is
>empty. How does it get populated? What's odd is that it is populated
>when I build on RHEL 4/x86 and RHEL 4/amd64.
It is populated using the contents of /etc/xdg/menus/,
by default.  I guess the reason for the difference is that RHEL 4
provides the file but RHEL 3 does not.

If you are building Gnome into a different prefix, try setting
XDG_CONFIG_DIRS=$prefix/etc/xdg or $prefix/etc/xdg:/etc/xdg, which will
change the search path for the file.

Similarly, for icon themes to be found, you need to set the
XDG_DATA_DIRS environment variable (probably to $prefix/share:/usr/share)


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