Logoff request using gnome_client_request_save


I need to be able to invoke a logoff action and at the same time prompt
the user to save any modified data in the programs that are currently
open.  This has lead me to the gnome_client_request_save command.
There is, however, one small snag.  When I call
gnome_client_request_save with a GnomeInteractStyle of
GNOME_INTERACT_ANY, it always first pops up a dialog asking me if I
want to log off, restart or shutdown.  How can I get rid of that dialog
box?  Because all I really want is to logoff.  If I change the
interact to ERRORS or NONE, then the dialoge box doesn't pop up, but
it doesn't prompt the user to save any unsaved data either.  Is there
anyway to get the best of both worlds ? Have the session manager
prompt uesrs to save unsaved data and not provide the dialog box that
asks them if they want to shut down, restart or logg off?  Thanks

Xin Li

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