Re: Dissolving Folders

On 7/7/05, Christian Gentle <ikanashadows gmail com> wrote:
> I had a idea about directory browsing in Nautilus recently, where you
> could right click on a folder and choose the option "Dissolve" where the
> contents of that would dissolve or be transferred into the parent
> directory, but only for in a graphical sense (ie: not actually transferred).
> After the "Dissolve" has occurred, in the parent directory where the
> dissolved directory is found, right clicking on the background of window
> gives the options of "Resolve" (returning dissolved folders to their
> original state) or "Make Dissolve permnament" (where the files are
> actually transferred to the parent directory).
> I just thought it might be a good idea or at least a nice feature.

It would be undoubtedly cool.

I'm not sure what the use-case for this would be, though. In which
situations you think this would be useful?

It could also be confusing to forget that a folder is "dissolved" and
then try to locate a dissolved folders file in filechooser for

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi

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