had error upgrading to the latest gramps; the response from their maillist included a recommendation to send this to you.

I included the entire email message (it is short though). If you need 
more info please email.


On 07/07/2005 03:07:20 PM, dcw wrote:
> I am on Mandriva LE2005 with all updates installed.
> Upgraded from gramps 2.0.3 to 2.0.5 and urpmi displayed the following:
> OMF file [/usr/share/omf/gnopernicus/brlmonitor-C.omf] does not 
> against ScrollKeeper-OMF 
> DTD: /usr/share/xml/scrollkeeper/dtds/scrollkeeper-omf.dtd
> Unable to register /usr/share/omf/gnopernicus/brlmonitor-C.omf

This says that the OMF file supplied in the "gnopernicus" package
is flawed, in that it does not validate as a proper scrollkeeper
OMF file. ScrollKeeper is a register system for the help files,
and gramps installation rebuilds scrollkeeper database. During
this rebuild the problem is uncovered, but it is with another
package, not gramps.

> Is this something I need to fix? Am I missing a package?

You're not missing anything. Maybe you want to send an email
to gnopernicus developers to inform them about bad OMF file
they ship.

> Gramps does execute and load a database. I have not tried anything 
> as yet.
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Nothing for you to worry about. The worst of this is the inability
to see gnopernicus help file :-)


Alexander Roitman   http://www.gramps-project.org

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