Re: can't create new thread if network is running

>I've built Gnome from cvs head, and I find most apps hang up if I'm 
>running any ethernet devices (i.e. lan or cable modem).
>Using gdb they all seem to hang up at this point :-
>Starting program: /usr/bin/gedit
>[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
>[New Thread -1226751872 (LWP 14377)]
>hangs up here..
>i.e. can't seem to create new threads. Same thing if gedit is already 
>running and I try to use the file picker..
>Only exception seems to be gnome-stystem-monitor, gets past this point 
>ok if the network is up.
>Any suggestions on where to look ?


This looks like problem with DNS setup, probably you dns doesn't resolve localhost.localdomain or something like it. But actually it looks like a bug and should be investigated.

I am not sure that the problem is in starting thread. I think it's somewhere on new thread that locks. Can you reproduce lock, attach to process with gdb and then collect backtrace with 'thread apply all backtrace' gdb command. 


It can give some clues for us.

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