Re: Dissolving Folders

Dnia 09-07-2005, sob o godzinie 17:30 +1000, Christian Gentle napisał:
> The idea behind "Dissolving Folders" is to allow the user to 
> concurrently acknowledge (or at least be aware of) the contents of a 
> folder and the contents of its sub-directories, without the need for 
> using a Search Command (therefore, avoiding File Indexing, which on some 
> older computers can take forever) and also allowing for the attributes 
> of those files to be changed as a group, this should majorly improve 
> productivity.

Note that there's been recently commited patch to implement tree
unfolding in list mode, which serves the same purpose (access to
subfolders concurently with parent), in IMHO much easier to grasp
manner. This is how classic Finder has always dealt with such scenarios,
and it works great in practice, with people having no problems ever
understanding it (and I mean people as in "graphic designers", they
really don't have a clue about computers, they just know how to operate
Note also that for this to work optimally, ability to rubberband files
while in list mode is extremely useful, and AFAIK nautilus still lacks


PS. Random, not directly-related note, but I was reminded of it because
it was frequently used together with unfolded listview -- Mac's Finder
has ability to "print folder", which is really just a screenshot of
window sent to printer. Works great as super-quick CD cover generator.

Being really good at C++ is like being really good at using rocks to
sharpen sticks. (Thant Tessman)
Maciej Katafiasz <ml mathrick org>

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