Re: gnome-panel refresh

Le lundi 11 juillet 2005 à 15:51 +0200, Marco Cabizza a écrit :
> Hello, I have just subscribed to this list.
> I have coded something and it has become a patch which enables a
> 'Refresh Panel' function, "because I don't know what 'killall
> gnome-panel' means", which can be used when new software is installed,
> for example.
> By now the code is really ugly (it's REALLY a g_spawn* who calls
> killall), but if nobody's working at that I could try to implement
> something that keeps the menu up-to-date each time a new entry is added
> by installing new software.

menu is already updated automatically when .desktop file are added,
thanks to file monitoring using fam/gamin.

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandriva com>

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