Re: gstreamer-interfaces-0.9 ??


On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 12:09 +1000, Rod Butcher wrote:
> gst-plugins from cvs head wants gstreamer-interfaces-0.9.pc, yet it 
> seems to me that gst-plugins itself actually installs this. Has 
> something changed or haven't I understood this correctly ?

Two things -

a) this really is a question for the gstreamer list.  How come you are
building GStreamer head in conjunction with GNOME (or at least, that's
what I'm assuming) ? Is any of the build tools doing this ? Let me know
so I can fix that.

b) in GStreamer head, gst-plugins needs gst-plugins-base. gst-plugins
itself will be further split up, but that's what it's called right now.


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