Re: Suggestions

> I dont know if this is the correct list to post this, (if not please
> tell me where).
> I think it would be a very very good idea if gnome makes more notable
> contrast between active and not active windows (i mean with focus).
> If you have a lot of windows open and shuffled on the desktop, is easy
> to "loose" on the screen. The only difference between the active window
> and the rest is the color of the top of the window and i think is not
> enough. 
> Maybe "painting" the non active windows in a gray color, or transparent
> (a think this would be great, but not very implementable without loosing
> much performance).

Don't mind, we will be happy to answer you. This kind of question is mostly discussed
on usability list (usability gnome org). For example, recent discussion on exactly the
same problem is here:

Probably, you can find some ideas and augments around you suggestion there. 

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