Re: making the panel recognize an applet

В Срд, 22/06/2005 в 17:01 +0100, David Hugh-Jones пишет:
> I just wanted to post a link to
> My question there is as follows:
> <quote>
> As some of you may know, I develop a little Gnome panel applet. I'm
> coming up to (dare I say it) a 1.0 release. My problem: when my app is
> installed (via rpm or deb or whatever) my applet doesn't make it on to
> the Gnome "add to panel..." menu until the user logs out and back in.
> Obviously, this is bad for usability, so I'd like to ask for help.
> Currently, on installation, the following happens:
> * default settings are installed via gconftool-2 
> * killall -SIGHUP gconfd-2
> Is there something else I should be doing? "killall -SIGHUP
> gnome-panel" works, but it's a little, huh huh, extreme... "killall
> -SIGHUP bonobo-activation-server" kills b-a-s and it appears not to
> come back. I've looked at other panel applets but I can't see what
> they are doing different.
> </quote>
> I didn't get any joy and it turns out another person would also like
> to know... could any list members enlighten us?
> cheers
> david
> _______________________________________________

Hi David.

Probably I am wrong but I think it's rather panel issue. It just
doesn't query applet list on every open of add window. It does query
only on start. It's easy to check - just put breakpoint in 


and see when it does new query.

So neither gconf, nor b-a-s is responsible.

Also there a lot of plans to make applets more run-time installable, probably even from application.
There is even google bounty for that. So you can hope this problem will be fixed soon.

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