Re: How to debug whilst logging off

В Сбт, 12/03/2005 в 19:47 +1100, Nigel Tao пишет:
> I'm developing a Gnome Applet in python, and somewhere along the line
> I've tickled a bug somewhere that's causing crashes.  Not regular
> crashes, but crashes only when I log out of Gnome.  Something, somewhere
> along the line is broken - but it's hard to debug because I can only
> trigger it by logging out.  Adding applet instances, removing them,
> moving them around, playing with the UI doesn't cause crashes - only
> logging out.  Yes, it's weird.
> The actual crash is that I get a message box that says something like
> "The program 'deskbar-applet' has stopped unexpectedly" or something
> like that - I can't remember the exact wording off the top of my head.
> And sometimes (but not always!) it brings up two boxes - one with the
> above message and another similar one with "multi-load applet" in place
> of "deskbar-applet".  (Deskbar-applet is the one I'm developing, Multi-
> Load is just another applet that happens to hang out on my panel).
> Now, I can predictably and repeatedly trigger the bug.  But if, at a
> certain place in the code (a constructor), I add the following:
> -----------------------------
> # wait for 0.1 seconds
> import time
> time_to_wait_until = time.time() + 0.1
> while time.time() < time_to_wait_until:
> 	pass
> -----------------------------
> then there are no crashes.  So, even weirder, something out there is
> time-dependent or not properly multi-threaded or something.
> Anyway, after having said all that, what I would like to know is:
> 1) Does this look familiar to anyone?  Any suggestions on what's going
> on?
> and
> 2) Any suggestions on how to debug an applet bug which I can only tickle
> by logging off?  How can I get some sort of stack trace or log or
> anything useful?  Right now I'm just guessing, coding, and hoping.
> thanks,
> Nigel.
> FWIW, I am running Fedora Core 3, and the versions of relevant (I think)
> packages are:
> gnome-python2-applet-2.6.0-3
> gnome-python2-2.6.0-3
> python-2.3.4-13.1
> gnome-panel-2.8.1-3
> gnome-session-2.8.0-4
> gtk2-2.4.14-2.fc3
> libgnome-2.8.0-2

I think it's famous 2.10 stopper bug

It would be very helpful to fix it or at least find it's reason. The
problem for others is that this bug is rarely reproduced. If you can
help, it would be great.

About debug - not sure about python program debuggin, but if you have to
say linux consoles, you can login from console, attach to your applet
process and then safely logout. After logout you can switch to console
and investigate the problem you have, cant you?

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