Re: new to gnome dev

On Fri, 2005-25-03 at 08:56 -0300, Pipo wrote:
> Hi there i',m new to gnome development, and i first want to know if this list
> is for a newby like me.

Sure, but you also might want to check out gnome-love gnome org
> I'm interested in gnome's development plataform altough i don't like gnome desktop
> very much. I feel desktops must be fast and small. Gnome's technology is great for large application development, but it's too much for desktop utilities.

You don't think a desktop is a large application suite?

> However, a good thing is that gnome's applications don't depend on gnome desktop, so i like gnome as development environment.
> Ok, my first question is if bonobo could be used out of gnome or it's gnome's dependant.
> Can i develop a bonobo interface over a non-gnome application ?

AFAIK all you need is libbonobo and ORBit2; but if you're really
interested in lightwight, you should look at DBus here .

Also check out for some good tutorials.
If there isn't a tutorial for bonobo, you might try to write one for us.


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