RE: hiding gnome-panel using bonobo

Thanks Ryan, but the problem with the FullScreenMode as far as my
requirement is considered is, when some child window pops up from the
main window, then the panel in the background will come in front since
the currently focussed child window is not a full screen one. I checked
this with the full screen mode option provided in Gnome Terminal. It
also behaves in the same way. Will the Xlock work differently as far as
this fullscreenmode is considered? I checked with the source code of
Lock Screen, but it seemed that they are just drawing the password
window in the root window. I will check with the source code of xlock?

Any other ways available?

Manikandan T

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On Tue, 2005-29-03 at 12:31 +0530, Manikandan Thangavelu wrote:
> I am developing an Xwindow application in which I want to lock down
> user i.e.the user should not be able to switch to another application
> once he/she has started our application until he/she quits our
> application.The plan right now is to block the shortcut keys and hide
> the panel wich are the means to switch to another aplication.Blocking
> the shortcut keys is almost over and need to hide the panel.
> Any way for this?
> Thanks and Regards,
> Manikandan T

Also, if you want to have an example of a fullscreen app, take a look at
totem. It has a  mode for viewing video fullscreen, just as you want to.

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