Re: what is the encoding of returned string of gnome_file_entry_get_full_path()?

> Hi guys,
>    I newly compiled the libgnomeui cvs, and when I run 
> libgnomeui/test-gnome/test-gnome, I found below bug:
>    1) run test-gnome which under test-gnome directory of libgnomeui
>    2) click 'pixmap entry', then 'Pixmap Entry' dialog popup
>    3) click 'Browse' Button, and select one picture file whose
> filename 
> is non-utf8 encoded
>    result:
>    1) The picture can not display on preview area.
>    I run these steps on zh_CN.GB18030( one popular locale in China )
> on 
> solaris.
>    Then I have a quick view on the source code, and found that:
>    refresh_preview() use gnome_file_entry_get_full_path() to get the 
> picture file full path, and gnome_file_entry_get_full_path() will
> return 
> the path in utf8 encoding, and then use gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file() to 
> create pixbuf. As a result, gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file() can't find
> this 
> utf8-encoded file on disk, because the filename on disk it gb18030 
> encoded, so can't preview picture file.
>    The fix is pretty simple, we can use g_filename_from_utf8() to 
> convert utf8 encoded filename to Glib encoded filename.
>    What I wondering is that where we shoud put g_filename_from_utf8() 
> in? it should in refresh_preview() or gnome_file_entry_get_full_path
> ()?
>    If in refresh_preview(), then I guess we should modify all gnome 
> codes where call gnome_file_entry_get_full_path().  So I think it
> will 
> be more better if we fix it in gnome_file_entry_get_full_path(), just 
> like gtk_file_selection_get_filename() which return the selected 
> filename in the Glib filename encoding.
>    How do you think? any suggestions are welcome!
>    I don't know if this alias is suitable for this or not, I hope
> this 
> is the right one.
> Regards,
> Yandong

Hello Yandong.

Thanks for very careful attention to details. Really you've found a bug.
That's clear that the problem is in function
gnome_file_entry_get_full_path() which mixes utf-8 filename from text
entry and filenames in GLIB encoding. If you look at this code:

> 	text = gtk_entry_get_text
> 		(GTK_ENTRY (gnome_file_entry_gtk_entry (fentry)));
> 	if (text == NULL || text[0] == '\0')
> 		return NULL;

	Here is text in utf-8

> 	file = _gnome_file_entry_expand_filename (text, fentry->default_path);
> 	if (file == NULL)
> 		return NULL;

Here is it already supposed to be in locale encoding.

Please search for a bug in our bugzilla ( and file a
new one if there is no any. You can also create a patch that adds
conversion in the code above. We'll commit it certainly. 

The only thing I am wondering, why this problem stays unknown for so
long :)

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