gnome-pty-helper needed?

I don't know, whether this is the right place to send this question, but
I couldn't find appropriate one.

Is gnome-pty-helper needed? As far as I could see, it's only purpose is
to log which users use terminals. This gives nothing to desktop user and
nearly nothing to administrator (he will anyways look at ps uax output
if he *really* wants to know how many terminals did some specific user

So, gnome-pty-helper only clutters process list. There's some kind of a
bug in vte, which leaves gnome-pty-helper's after terminal is closed.
They do not waste resources, it's simply annoying. I know some people,
which, directly after installing gnome do "chmod 644 gnome-pty-helper".

So, the question is, who needs gnome-pty-helper?

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