Open a folder and highlight a specific file


There is a Nautilus limitation which affects Beagle's usability.  
Once Beagle has found the file I need, I may want to execute several
actions on the file (e.g. delete it, move it, open it with a secondary
viewer). Of course, Beagle cannot do this, since it would be feature 
duplication. That's why it offers a button "reveal in file manager", which 
opens a nautilus window in the appropriate folder.

The problem is that the file is not highlighted in nautilus. If the
folders contains many files, this makes it difficult to locate the
file. (in particular it requires to scroll down). This somewhat
defeats the purpose of using beagle. :-(

The heart of the problem is that Nautilus does not expose a command to
open a given folder AND highlight a specific file within it. (this
involves scrolling to the file if needed).

Although Nat Friedman (who asked me to talk to you about this) did not
specify this, it is my understanding that adding a command line option
to Nautilus would be enough. Could such an option be added to
Nautilus? What do you think?


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