Re: baobab

Le lundi 12 septembre 2005 �1:50 +0200, Stefan Kost a �it :
> hi,
> looks like a nice app. SOunds like it makes sense to integrate it with natilus, 
> so that one can right-click a folder and scan it. This could just call baoba and 
> give it the selected path.

may be

> I am still using JDiskReport 
> (
> as this reveals lots of detail and is quite helpful to sport the diskspace hogs.

java+nonfree = unusable :)

	I told Fabio to ask for CVS because as baobab is getting famous,
contributors are willing to participate. I guess Fabio is not
experienced in concurrent developpement. baobab is great that's true,
but it can be improved a lot (the codebase is, well, dirty :). Baobab
has already i18n support and is ~portable (this needs work). Great !

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