Problems when logging in to Gnome under SuSE 9.3

Title: Nachricht
Sorry when I'm on the wrong list, but as i'm searching for a solution for 2 weeks i'm
a bit despareted and you're my last hope....
when having WLAN-adapter on my notebook activated (activated but not really working
as it doesn't get an ip-address... but driver ipw2200 is already loaded and device present)
and onboard gigabit-ethernet adapter also activated (which is working fine)
i am not able to login to gnome....
or exactly i can login but gnome desktop will not start...  the only thing what's happening
is that the cursor changes to the busy-cursor, no splash screen and no welcome-sound
(only some 1/10 seconds with short breaks from the beginning of this sound)..
sorry when that's a little confusing and please don't flame me because i'm maybe on
the wrong list...
thanks in advance,

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