sed problems in Gnome build

Hi gurus, I find that increasing numbers of Gnome components (currently evince, file-roller, gtksourceview, gnome-system-tools) are giving the following build error :-

sed: file ./confstatyTupD1/subs-3.sed line 32: Unterminated `s' command

Seems to occur in config.status -> (eval "$ac_sed_cmds")

$ac_sed_cmds =
sed -f ./confstatIhE7ku/subs-1.sed | sed -f ./confstatIhE7ku/subs-2.sed | sed -f ./confstatIhE7ku/subs-3.sed | sed -f ./confstatIhE7ku/subs-4.sed | sed -f ./confstatIhE7ku/subs-5.sed | sed -f ./confstatIhE7ku/subs-6.sed

But these temp. files don't seem to exist. ??????????????

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