Re: .Net/Mono and C# in GNOME? Do we really need it?

Ok java not a problem byte code can be converted to native code.

C# and Python still need good complier to do this.

Yes cross platform lang have there advantage. But speed has to be taken into account somewhere. Disk usage of the VM also has to be taken into account.

I think it is about time we shakeself. Java built with gcj to native does not need a jvm or the space overhead that requires.

I have seen the expanding python use. Python has become the /bin/sh of the 21 centory. And I don't mean that in a good way. initrd of Unix's are slow due to the heavy depenancy on sh. We are now seeing history repeat self in the GUI. Even the Linux Standard base is trying to now untie self from initrd for speed.

C# is better than normal python because in a lot of cases its faster partially used in AOT (Ahead Of Time) Building to native code. AOT still needs the VM on the machine.

I think its time really to think about these things. An I do mean really. Ear mark langs for the next google summer of code to have compliers built most likely into gcc for simple cross platform.

Its simple to prevent problem then to have to remove it latter. Lot of python programs used with gnome have rendering problems. That has to be addressed. Put a window over its window take it away no refresh. This is not good for user interface at all. Two ways to address the problem Number one remove python. Number two fix it correctly. One is simpler.

With C#/.Net langs. A IL to native code coverter and bindings that work native or not.

Please don't quote hotspot jvm even that its working from bytecode to me as being faster than C. If we really wanted speed we would go fortran for sections of code instead of C because it optimizes some operations to faster code. Same ones where hotspot beats C. C99 standard of C addresses some of the performance problems in C. Problem Gcc does not support C99 all yet. That will be a big over haul for gnome bringing it up to C99 as well as a good performance boost.

Basicly there is a lot of work ahead. Get plaining now and get it fixed before we have another initrd mess on our hands.

Peter Dolding

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