Re: Keyboard Layout Creator (KLC)

That's really nice, I've been looking one keyboard layout editor for a while.

There are a few features I would like to see in such an editor. Can we
ask for features and provide patches if possible?

It would be nice to be able to have level3 key assignements, i.e. with
AltGr or Meta and the likes.
Also the special keys like Enter, Backspace, Shift, etc. should not be
pictures but should be labels. This would allow for i18n of those
The Space key should be editable too. Some keyboard layouts have a
non-breakable space with AltGr+space (like on Mac).

There's more features that could be added (more format, etc) but I
don't know if I should write them here or if you have some sort of

By the way, the .klc extension is probably not the best choice since
the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator saves files with that extension.

Denis Jacquerye

On 2/5/06, Ankit Patel <ankit644 yahoo com> wrote:
> What is KLC
> ===========
> The Keyboard Layout Creator (KLC) is a small tool for
> the creation and customization of keyboard layouts.
> Currently it can be used for only indic languages and
> supports two Input Method Engines (IME)-IIIMF and
> SCIM. The KLC has been written in C usinf gtk
> libraries.
> This application is targetted for the benefit of
> users/language teams and others who would like to
> create new keyboard layouts for their language.
> Existing keyboard layouts can also be modified
> according to the user's requirement or to apply
> changes (e.g. Addition of new codepoints etc.).
> Features
> ========
> 1. Create and customize keyboard layouts
> 2. Create installer for that layout
> 3. Install the .klc layout
> 4. Save keyboard layouts in Image format also
> Downloads
> =========
> Grab the latest source from CVS Repository:-
> cvs -z3
> -d:pserver:anonymous cvs sourceforge net:/cvsroot/indianoss
> co KLC
> Special Thanks
> ==============
> Documentation: Runa Bhattacharjee {runabh <at> gmail
> <dot> com}
> Translation: Amanpreet Singh Alam {amanpreetalam <at>
> yahoo <dot> com} [pa]
> Debian Packager: Kartik Mistry {kartik <dot> mistry
> <at> gmail <dot> com}
> Regards,
> Ankit Patel <>
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