A First Gnome Application

Hello all,
I'm really new to Gnome programming and I want to develop a gnome
application which
Will change the desktop background every 'n' minutes.

I was thinking of developping 2 things:
	1) A configuration tool: gnome-wallpaper-config
	2) A process (some kind of daemon) which will change the
background every
	   n minutes.

My questions are:
	1) How may I overide the gnome application to change the
background to 
	my 'gnome-wallpaper-config' ? i.e. When I right click on the
desktop and
	select 'Change Desktop Background' or by selecting in the menu:
	Desktop -> Preferences -> Desktop Background, I would like that
my new
	application instead of the default one to be launch.

	2) What kind of gnome component should be the process that will
	the desktop background ? Bonobo component ? Applet ? Simple unix
process ?
	Because I would like this component to be launch at log time ?

	I was thinking of developping a simple unix process that react
with gconf
	and receive callback from gconf to detect configuration change.
But how
	to start this process automatically ?

Thanks all

Marzullo Laurent

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