dbus and gnome-settings-daemon

I find that I can't change themes if gnome-settings-daemon is loaded
automatically on signon - presumably now via dbus ? dbus is running.
However, if I kill gnome-settings-daemon and run it in a terminal I can
change themes. I then get following output :-
xrdb:  "*Label.background" on line 243 overrides entry on line 170
xrdb:  "*Text.background" on line 249 overrides entry on line 211
xrdb:  "*Label.foreground" on line 255 overrides entry on line 171
xrdb:  "*Text.foreground" on line 261 overrides entry on line 212
So - any pointers to where I look to debug this ? Is the xrdb output
part of the problem, causing a blockage ? Any doco on how gnome uses
dbus now ?

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