upcomming glade release

Hello gnome devel list!

    I admittedly havent been following the gnome release cycle at all,
and in light of the emails I've been recieving announcing a tarball
deadline, I've noticed that it is a complete coincidence that glade3
is ready for a full-featured stable release at the same time as
this gnome release.

    I'm completely new to makeing stable public releases that work with
the gnome release schedule and all that, so I wonder if there's a way
to get the glade3 module into this release... and if it's too late
(completely understandable), then I'd like to request now ahead of time
that we get included in the list of modules to be published in
the next gnome release.


PS: Sorry for the double-post of this topic to gnome-journal-list... was
still looking for the right list to address :)

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