GObject style questions (interfaces)

I've just mustered the courage to venture into the wonderful world of
GObject and object oriented C.

I've mostly used two sources:

 - The GObject reference manual:
 - The GObject FAQ:

I'm looking at interfaces and see that they differ in naming (the FAQ is
actually inconsistent in itself).

1. Do I need the *_CLASS macros for interfaces? The FAQ defines them
   all but the reference manual doesn't.
2. The macro for getting the interface is called *_GET_IFACE in the FAQ
   and the reference manual uses the longer *_GET_INTERFACE, which one
   should I use?
3. The naming of the "class" of the interface (i.e. the struct that
   inherits from GTypeInterface) is unclear. The FAQ is inconsistent and
   seems to use *Iface in some places and *Class in others. The
   reference manual uses *Interface. Again, which one should I use?


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