Re: gnome-ifying PenguinTV

On Mon, 2006-02-27 at 14:09 -0500, Owen Williams wrote:
> I write an RSS-reader / podcast catcher called PenguinTV, and one day
> I'd like to try to propose it for inclusion in the GNOME desktop.  I've
> been working hard on getting it to use gettext, gnome-vfs, gconf, and
> other gnome system libraries, but I'm not sure if I've covered all of
> the bases.
> I'm currently working on the next version of PenguinTV, and I was
> wondering if other developers or users in the GNOME community could take
> a look at the version in CVS and give me feedback on it from a GNOME
> perspective.  I'd rather not propose it officially and have it get
> smacked down because of something obvious.
> thanks,
> Owen Williams

It's my understanding that the only current desktop app which uses
gtkhtml is evolution, and there were rumblings about making it use Gecko
but for the lack of an editor -- Yelp and DevHelp used to, but both of
those switched to gecko.

I personally would like to see a good feed-reading Epiphany extension
that used XSLT to transform the feed formats into XHTML+CSS -- the
little play/pause/downloading HTML control you've got could go on the
bottom of the sidebar for podcasts.

If you wanted to be *really* slick you could use XSLT to transform a set
of supported formats into one common feed format (e.g. Atom -> RSS2),
then publish the resulting "My Big Pile-o-news" feed via Avahi :-).

(Having everything get transformed into one common format would also
allow you to have XSLT themes for your transformations when you went
from the unified format into XHTML+CSS.)

Just some thoughts :-).


James Cape

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