Re: text entry key press

Not sure if I entirely understand what you mean, but, looking at the key_press_event signal in the manual, you are may be able to do some tests on the GdkEventKey argument for the GdkModifierType.  If you find that CTRL, SHIFT, etc bits are set, you can return TRUE to stop other handlers and manually add whatever you want to represent the control character (like "<CTRL>" or (<SHIFT>") plus the character in event->keyval

gboolean user_function (GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventKey *event, gpointer user_data);

neha gupta wrote:


I have made an application using gtk. It contains a text entry line. When I press simple keys they are shown in the text entry but when I press Control, Shift, Alt etc they are not shown.

I need to print control, shift and alt keys  also along with normal keys..I tried to find on the net but found no help.
 In fact, key_press_event signal was mentioned at some places but I cun't make it to work.

Someone plz guide me in this as I am new to gtk programming. I need  it urgently.



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