Re: Geting current working session

В Сбт, 25/03/2006 в 12:34 +0200, svovaf t2 technion ac il пишет:
> I developing some tool for linux to echo message when email incoming and I would
> like that the message will appear on the most updated (current working) session
> of gnome. Is there any way to get the current working session pid?
> Thanks
> Vova Feldman

Hi Vova

The only thing I don't understand, how session pid will help you? 

Usually, things like you've described are done with a bit another
technique. gnome-session process is certainly not supposed to such work.

For example, you can have user application that will show mail on the
screen. There are a lot of apps that may help you already. Look at the
gnome-osd, for example or at zenity. With then you can simply show user
dialog from the shell script. Or use notification framework provided
with libnotify/notification-daemon. 

If you can describe your task more precisely, probably we can give you
more useful advise.

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