Fwd: GLib 2.15.0 released

Hi all,

I am extremely sorry again if I am posting at a wrong a place. Even though the svn trunk at svn.gnome.org consists of GLib 2.15.0 jhbuild uses the branched version of 2.14.5. I have already asked this question a bit differently but haven't got solutions. I am a beginner and I am very much excited about building gnome from source.
When I asked the question related to build errors gnome-hackers mailing list someone told me to ask in Bugzilla. But when I asked in Bugzilla I was told that it was a support forum and its not used to answer build problems. I am already very much disappointed about this. If someone knows the solution please answer me, or tell me where to post the Queries related to build fail Please.

My Question is how to use jhbuild to build gnome as of now if I just say jhbuild build it fails while building gtk+ saying glib-2.0 >= 2.15.0 required but the version present is 2.14.5, and when I type svn info in glib it points to the branch, if I use svn switch it changes the URL but if I again use jhbuild it reverts back to the branch. Also my jhbuildrc is pointing to gnome-2.22. Please Help Me

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