Re: GnomeVFS issue with FTP sites

В Сбт, 06/01/2007 в 15:00 -0800, Micah Carrick пишет:
> Not sure if this is a gnome or a gnome-vfs issue, however, I've noticed 
> that FTP sites show the "unknown" icon for folders when using GnomeVFS. 
> SSH still shows the appropriate folder icon though.
> This is using gnome-vfs-2.16.2 on Gnome 2.16.0 (Fedora Core 6).

That looks strange, thanks for the bug report. Most probably it's the
issue with the gnome setup. Can you please send the following:

What mime type is reported by "gnomevfs-info ftp://someserver/somedir";?

What icon does it search for? You can find the name of the icon by
looking into strace log. You can attach to the nautilus process with the
command "strace -p <nautilus pid> 2> nautilus.log".

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