"End" and "Down" key not usable with evdev keyboard driver

Hello. Using evdev as X keyboard driver, gnome 2.16 (default
installation on SuSE 10.2) would pop up the gnome-main-menu when user
pressed �End� or �Down� key. Disabling shortcut key of main menu doesn't
help. I think this is a bug.

evdev (an xorg keyboard driver) produce different keycode for the same
keys then the usual keyboard driver.

Key pressed  Keycode (using evdev)  What this keycode usually mean 
   End             115                  Left-Windows Key
   Down            116                  Right-Windows Key

It seems gnome has possibily hardcoded to open gnome main menu when
received keycode 115 and 116, when it probably should act upon keysym
Super_L and Super_R.

This problem doesn't exist on any other desktop environment / window
manager on the same computer (tested fvwm, windowmaker, KDE)

If gnoem fail to work with evdev keyboard driver, that is gnome cannot
be used on multi-seat computers (where one computer have more then one
set of keyboard/mouse/monitor attached to it).

If solving this problem might take long time (e.g. users need to wait
for gnoem 2.18), can someone suggest a quick fix that I can use on my
mulitseat computers? I tried to edit files gnome/share/xmodmap but that
doesn't seem to have any effect. Thanks a lot in advance!

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