gnome-format 0.2

Hi, I've finished a bit of a milestone in gnome-format, the (hopefully) replacement for the venerable GFloppy. I've written about it more on my blog, the posting is here:

Or for the less patient,

svn co svn://

Everything is feature-complete at this point except for
* LUKS Encryption
* Floppies
* Operations that require rewriting/editing the partition table

At this point, a lot of the main work is done, it's just a lot of small tasks that need to be done to clean up the code and possibly get it ready in time for GNOME 2.20. Patches are definitely appreciated, once I get formatting entire disks working, it will be at a point where Emmanuele Bassi and I can get it into GNOME svn.

The TODO file lists the main things that need fixed, as well as a general need for cleaning up, and many these things don't need a lot of "big-picture" knowledge. If anyone wants to help, especially if you're handy with Python, reply back and I'll get you added to the svn. Comments, thoughts, complaints, and anything else is encouraged!

Paul Betts <bettsp cse ohio-state edu>

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