Re: Announcing Dolt, a drop-in Libtool replacement which cuts build times in half

Hello Josh,

can we limit followups to a subset of this impressive array of mailing
lists?  Say, to <libtool gnu org>?  That would be readable at

* Josh Triplett wrote on Wed, Apr 09, 2008 at 12:34:18PM CEST:
> Libtool knows how to handle libraries for umpteen different systems,
> including many ancient systems that have terrible shared library
> support.  It has some extensive shell script logic to figure out how
> to build libraries for your system, and how to compile objects that go
> in those libraries.  This logic does an amazingly impressive job of
> coping with adverse conditions.  However, this logic all lives in an
> ~8500 line, ~250kB shell script, which runs *every single time you
> compile a source file*.
> This does not do wonders for performance.

Curious: can you please state which Libtool version you timed against,
and if not 2.2.x, redo timing against 2.2.2?  Not that I expect wonders,
but I expect something better than what you measured.


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