Gnome-session IO to profile files?

Hi there,

This is a re-write of an email that i sent to this list about a week
ago, from which i got no answer.

I'm developing a transactional layer for file-system access (for my
MSc Thesis), and i would like to test\use it (PoC) by patching the
gnome-session source-code, so that in the end i can guarantee that
either all my user-session files get saved, or none do (atomicity
property achieved thru journaling).

For this i need to find the fopen\fread\fwrite calls that gnome makes
whenever it wants to save\load my profile files.
I have watched the save.c and gnome-session-save.c files in the latest
gnome-session package, but all the file writes seem to be done with
snprintf... And no, i could not find any mmaps..

Could anyone please tell me where are the file IOs for gnome-session?
I need to wrap these around a transactional START and COMMIT calls.

I have 1 week to get a PoC for my prototype, so please please help me
out finding this (you sure know what i need).

Thank you.

Artur Martins

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